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Landscape intervention, in Usina de Arte (in Água Preta, Pernambuco, Brazil), 2020
Reinforced concrete, resin and pigment
Dimensions: 33 x 16 x 6 m

“In a land devastated by sugar monoculture and its social traumas – the lands of Usina Santa Terezinha, since 2015 transformed into Usina de Arte (in the municipality of Água Preta, in Pernambuco) -, Notari opens another wound.

Diva, a 33-meter-long prospect-hole-sculpture, an abscess that reveals the historical violence over female bodies that continue to be wounded by many on a daily basis – and, depending on their color or gender, distinct and asymmetrical – ways, just like the body of Gaya, our Mother Earth. In addition to these bodies, Diva brings up immeasurable colonial traumas that, against invisibility, continue to fight for reparation. While wounded, Diva herself continues to re-enact – since it overturns open wounds – the racial inequalities on which Brazil is based, a symptom of a field of art that, like other areas of society, historically excludes non-white bodies”.

Clarissa Diniz

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