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Performance, 2022
Shards of glass and light

Photographs of the performance held in the open space of the Cais do Sertão Museum, Recife, PE, 2022

In Symbebekospiral, an updated version of the performance Symbebekos (2002), the artist walks barefoot across a circular path comprised of 2,500 transparent glass bottles strewn across the floor. She carefully removes the shards from the path, making space with her feet as she goes. The action continues until the entire circular path of shards has been traversed, leaving a spiral trail to indicate its conclusion. 

The Symbebekospiral project was produced by Minotari Produções Visuais, with the support of the Cais do Sertão Museum, Klabin, COM Acessibilidade, and the Aloisio Magalhães Museum of Modern Art (MAMAM), and with incentives from Funcultura PE.

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